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    Michael McDonald/Patrick Henderson

    Darlin', I know
    I'm just another head on your pillow
    If only just tonight, girl
    Let me hear you lie just a little
    Tell me I'm the only man
    That you ever really loved
    Honey take me back
    Deep in my memory
    A time when it was all very right
    So very nice

    Here, Darlin', stands another bandit wantin' you
    In and out your life, they come and they go
    Your days and nights like a wheel that turns
    Grindin' down a secret part of you
    Deep inside your heart
    That nobody knows

    When you say comfort me
    To anyone who approaches
    Chalkin' up the hurt
    We live and we learn
    Well we've both lived long enough to know
    We'd trade it all right now
    For just one minute of real love

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