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    Tom Johnston

    The sky is fallin' and the ground is reachin' up
    The river's goin' by and the water's gettin' high and I feel like givin' up
    Standin' in the downpour with these rainy day crossroad blues
    Got those woods on my left, city on my right, don't wanna sleep alone tonight again
    Hole in my coat, hole in my shoes, sittin' in Mobile singin' the blues about you
    Company people call my house most every day
    Won't let a body concentrate
    Gotta get some peace that way
    Waitin' for that water risin', think I'll put my guitar in my boat
    'Cause I'm floatin' to the nearest levy just to lay down
    In that sand

    Just pickin' wild berries, gettin' stung by honey bees
    The Lord above and the devil below havin' a fight inside of me
    Thinkin' ' bout my gun, maybe that will set me free
    'Cause thunder and lightnin' are trapped inside of me
    Innocent darlin' why you treat your daddy this way?
    The price of the question is a mighty hard price to pay
    'Cause you brought these rainy day crossroad blues my way
    I can't take it no more

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