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    Michael mcdonald

    Sure as that old whistle's blowin'
    There's a tug upon my heart
    Somewhere in that misty mornin' light
    There's another brand new start
    Sometimes I'd love to see this end
    And watch it fall apart
    'cause it's still such a long road
    And we're a long way from the start
    You know anyone can say what's wrong
    That don't make it right to me
    We weren't born into this life
    To walk away from everything
    Once you get the blues in your stride
    All you need's a song to survive
    You think by now we would know that
    We're gonna keep this train a-rollin'
    We ain't gonna break down on this highway
    We could sit here waitin', worried, wonderin'
    Wishin' we were somewhere other than right her
    But we're right here

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