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    Cry your eyes bloodshot while there's still time
    'cause soon it's gone and you'll be so shocked
    one queen-sized coffin that was built for two
    is your death bed it belongs to you
    tease me baby please me
    with the fresh disease
    hope riding on a bullet
    alive tonight you know
    we couldn't get it right
    come save your life tonight
    you know we'll never get it right
    don't try to swim to shore
    because you can't go back
    say three words like they're the last
    you'll speak
    curtains drop concealing appearances
    of heaven destroyer
    they'll be another just like you
    you're not the only one
    I'm not the only one
    watching the fallout
    fly back up
    walking where time stands still
    see how this love kills
    dropping curtains down
    concealing appearances of heaven
    without my existence you are nothing
    without my affection you wilt
    we fucked like a nuclear war release...
    fuck off see how I let you down
    watching fallout fly back up

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