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    Do you remember where you were on that day?
    A day of life sentences and x-rays
    My name was on that birthday cake

    Your mother, your father, your brother, and the thing under the covers
    Your lover, the others, the leeches, and the serpents and the suckers
    Your mother, your father, the babies and the nurses and the doctors
    Your lover, the others, the waiting room, the gurney and the druggers
    Your mother, your father, the comas and the way the spirits hover
    Your lover, the others, I thought I wasn't smart enough to suffer

    Speaking pig latin
    Kiss me goodnight
    Dreaming white satin
    Kiss me goodnight

    Freedom, Freedom---tying your legs down
    Freedom, Freedom---fucking your brains out
    Freedom, Freedom---blowing the candles out
    Freedom, Freedom---waving to the crowd

    And I hate long goodbyes anyway...

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