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    Take fire out of heaven's clenched fist
    cracks slip between my desire
    to keep your broken heart bleeding
    just hold tight and tell another fucking joke
    to pacify the urge for suicide
    you know it won't keep waiting so say goodbye
    'cause I never want to hear another word
    about you and I you never stop
    now we started out just running out
    spreading like wings and we are one
    I pulled you right out of the gutter
    when I could have bee lined
    we started out just running out
    spreading like wings and what were we supposed to do?
    You belong to me and what are we supposed to do?
    Suck it in, spit it out you know that two's a crowd?
    Expectant mother's stillborn baby beauty cries aloud
    and tries to tell you what I'm about now
    don't you worry about a little thing like this
    it only hurts just a bit I promise
    I'm going to take you a mile high
    so don't you cry 'cause it'll just be baby baby baby nonstop
    until the end of the night
    so keep your mouth shut
    I can tell you're a good fuck
    just by the way you wear that innocent look
    don't you know that enough is never enough
    I made you now you are property I can't discard

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