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    Game over, you win.
    Game over, I win.

    The Sleigh bells are a-ringing, the children they are singing
    The memories are fleeting, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

    The wedding Bells are ringing, the shotgun is a-singing
    Now (?) your fingers steady, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

    A lion tamer yelling, your first piano lesson
    A 4--leaf contraceptive, we play a game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

    A sweaty palm reading, a lucky shot of whiskey
    Now come and rub my belly, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

    O's and X's
    Hollywood Squares
    X's and O's
    Bloody Tic-Tac-Toe

    Not in your song
    I'm not your singer
    Not in your poem
    I'm not your stanza
    I'm not a color in your rainbow
    But now which team
    Are you rooting for?

    We're Hollywood Squares
    We're going nowhere

    I'm an' 'X'
    You're an 'O'

    And this is the end...

    The End.

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