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    You'd never imagine us
    bringing a loaded gun to the ballroom
    this party's about to kick off
    tonight is the wrong night
    the devil's own are only starting up
    the first round of the fight
    so hang on tight dear mother
    the needle is jabbing the womb
    draw back and release this child of disease
    this mob is a riot
    the outlaw youth are only emptying
    the first round of the night
    'cause everything's not alright
    I suppose you thought y
    ou had our hands behind our backs
    wool over our eyes now your pulse is in my palm
    and you stand hands to mouth
    wearing your disguise
    it's pretty apparent this boy is a curse
    the christ of the moment
    so blow him away
    hey come on and take the new number
    if you're next in line
    then kid I got a really big fucking surprise
    there won't be a next time

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