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    as if in a dream
    only one man
    can know
    he tastes the dirt
    he chews the dirt
    the dirt
    the filth
    now swallow
    the filth of it
    cold sweat
    runs down slow
    just choke
    the filth of it
    now swallow
    mixed withhot tastes of blood
    and the cold taste of defeat
    i want to die
    jsut one more time
    roll over and die
    white lights mad and MANIACAL
    seep out dark brick walls
    just shun heavens thunder
    while laughing at the sky
    with a hiss of the nightmare's downpour
    laughing at the sky
    now wake up and... DIE
    just one more time
    as if in a dream
    only one more time
    i must die

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