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    Our folks don't understand
    the way that we feel
    But, girl, when we're holding hands
    I know that it's real
    Just because our age
    They won't take us seriously

    But it's the same kind of love
    that the grown - ups know
    Yeah, the same kinda love
    as in picture shows

    With the same kind of stars
    that you wish upon
    It's the same kind of love
    yeah, the same kinda love
    that goes on and on

    Kids they see you and me
    Together alot
    They laugh to think we're in love
    And tell us we're not
    Guess it's only for us
    to prove what we're feelin' is true

    'Cause it's the same kind love...

    (Repeat chorus)

    We've got to hold our heads up
    Hang on so tight
    And everything will turn out right

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