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    I the only one who can love you
    like you want to be loved tonight
    I'm the only one who can make it
    just the way it should be
    I'm the only one who can love you tonight
    And you're the only one, only one for me

    You think that it's time to be leaving
    but you're wrong
    'Cause I know that you're gonna be grievin'
    before long
    When you're all alone, you'll be sorry
    that you're causing a break-up
    Girl, call me on the phone
    and you'll really have a reason to make-up

    (Repeat Chorus)

    You think I'm rockin' and rollin'
    that we're through
    But I domy comin' and goin' just for you
    yeah for you
    And when the works get done
    I'll be happy just to beg you for pleasin'
    If you wonder why, I'll be glad, girl, to give you the reason

    (Repeat chorus)

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