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    All ya got to do if I'm uptight with you
    is to hold me, hold me
    Everything is fine anytime that I'm
    in your arms, your arms
    The special way I feel
    each kiss goodnight
    Makes me forget who's wrong or right

    Hold me, hold me, oh, hold me tight
    Hold me , hold me , oh, hold me tight

    Anything you say , you can have things your way
    if you hold , hold me
    You know what I need everytime
    that you stand so near, yeah, yeah, yeah
    So when you ask me girl, girl
    to turn down the lights
    the feelin's just too good to fight

    (Repeat chorus)

    I can hardly believe what I'm feelin'
    when you give me that look with your eyes
    Yeah, you're gettin' so close that
    my whole body's achin', my heart is breakin'
    Take me and make me yours

    (Repeat chorus)

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