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    I see you dance, you dance the night away,
    But not with me , why don't you look my way
    If I could make you see just what I've been feelin'
    It'll make your heart go spinnin', rockin',reelin'

    Come a little closer, closer to my arms
    A little closer, closer to my heart
    I wanna try so hard to make you see
    Just how beautiful our love could be
    Come a little closer, oh babe , closer to me

    When I'm alone at night, I go get your picture
    And turn out the light, then I've got you
    where you should be
    Close your eyes and pretend you're with me

    (Repeat chorus)

    I see you kiss and hold him tight
    Oh, what I missed
    I hope someday I might
    Take you back and give you what you deserve
    I wanna try now but I don't have the nerve

    (Repeat chorus)

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