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    Because we both are young, they say we're not in love
    But what do they know of this feeling that we share
    I wish that I could find a way to tell them
    we're so much more than friends
    And how much we really care for one another

    Because we both are young, they just don't understand
    They say the things we've planned are only foolish dreams
    But, girl, they just don't know the way
    we feel when we're all alone
    Or just talkin' on the telephone, so close together

    I don't know what they're thinkin' of
    Do they think that love is just for them all alone?
    No matter what they say, we're gonna stay
    together, and whatever, we'll do fine on our own

    So, let them say that we'll grow up
    and leave this all behind
    But, girl, they must be blind
    to the light in your eyes

    But we don't need to prove a thing
    to anyone, for we have just begun
    And the best part of our lives is now
    and all because, because we both are young


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