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    Help us, communications are down
    Static on the airwaves now
    Dixie, where's the princess now she was here an hour ago
    Where did you go
    Fight night, bring on the bright lights
    Even when we die
    We will survive
    I will never take aim on my kin
    So this is it, reload your clip
    And bring your ass out to the dance floor
    This wishing well goes straight to hell
    And I know it's everything you wanted
    I'll wait for the whites of their eyes
    The sky is falling all around
    The readers lost his place
    The writers thoughts are all alone, no trace
    The soldiers have their orders now
    The rebel yell is out
    The brotherhood will ride alone
    No more words to be said
    The pacifist is dead
    We shot him in the head
    The borders have been drawn
    The presidents are gone
    We are all alone
    I don't need no civil war

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