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    Days you always want to tell me lies you try to sell me to the stars at night you think i'm too uptight love you call me on the phone alone you wish that i could stay speaking pain in codes telling me you still care through a dial tone drugs you really want to put my life on hold you really want to see my growing old with you like a naive friend but i never want to face myself again unless i'm coming true speaking pain in codes telling you that i know i'm no good alone i've tried so hard just to be myself but i've erased everything i was i tried searching for the truth alone and i remember everything i've done i'm thinking everything will turn out fine but i'm a little kid without a soul give me just a little bit more time just a little bit say what you want to do to me or you i don't care right i erased everything i know give me just a little bit more time to solve my future

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