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    Hands up who wants to die!

    Have you heard how sonny's burning
    Like some bright erotic star?
    And he lights up the proceedings
    And raises the temperature.
    Flame on! flame on!

    Someday i'll cut him down yeah uh
    Now i've seen to sonny's burning
    Yeah someday i think i'll cut him down
    But it can get so co-cold in here
    And he gives off such an evil heat.
    Flame on! flame on!
    Hai-hai hail my incubatic incubator.

    Now pay witness to sonny's burning
    Warming the damp and rotten seed
    Warming the damp and rotten seed
    That blooms into the demon flower
    Now both fire and flowers consume me.
    Flame on! flame on!

    Evil heat is running through me (through me)
    Flame on! now flame on!
    Evil heat is running through me uh! uh!
    Sonny's burning pits into me
    Flame on! yeah flame on!
    Sonny's burning holes into me
    Don't interrupt! don't interrupt!
    Flame on! flame on!
    Through me yeah through me
    Don't interrupt! flame on!
    Flame on! flame on!

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