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    This is true oh! this is true it's true

    Mister forever said nothing said
    I can sing
    Hit it! make it a dead one
    With words like with words like
    Blood and soldier and mother
    O.k. o.k.
    I want to i wanna sleep before the end
    Which is most impolite
    Hit it! make it a dead one
    If nothing crops up
    I'll give you a ring
    You can sing the end
    O.k. o.k.
    Then i could get
    All the little animals out of my room
    Hit it! with a broom, with a broom!
    O.k. o.k. o.k. o.k.
    Put them in a big white sack
    No visitors came
    Hit it! with words like...
    Like hit it! like hit it! oh! yea...
    Yea hit it... like like
    Thou thou shalt not um like
    Thou shalt not this is the end this
    This really is the living end
    This really is the living end
    Like really this is the end and it's still living

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