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    i just want you to listen,
    Troubled minds of the troubled times,
    keep yourself together dont listen to other peeps,
    cause a lot can happen on the streets,
    and peer pressure is a killer,
    so listen to these wise words that i preach.
    It aint safe out there,
    i know this from experience,
    cause this is serious,
    and thats how lives get messed up,
    i took this time, just 8 bars to explain to the kids
    whats up

    You're living in dangerous minds,
    dangerous times,
    thug life, you're growing up on the street,
    all that crime, i've been there before,
    ive been through it,
    i realise the pain,
    i'm drawn into it,
    it feels terrible when youre on another level,
    to the rest of them,
    trainers, clothes, you're not in with the trends,
    its just a teenage beef that's bothering you,
    its just a phase in life that you'll have to go through

    You know i never will amount to you,
    but is it pain you gotta put me through?
    you know i never will live up to you,
    and all that you do, and all that you do,
    you never tell your enimies from friends,
    and life will never be the same again?
    you never know where the story ends,
    thats right my friend
    and thats where the story ends.

    i hear these things again and again, and again,
    dress to impress for a friend,
    all it ever does everytime i hear
    will it ever stop,
    it just sends me round the bend,
    it aint easy to be a teenager,
    i should know, it puts your life in danger,
    do you really think that it will stop all the muggings,
    and the bullys and weapons i think not.

    I can sit and write lyrics all day,
    but my teenage problems n

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