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    Close my eyes an' I'm there again
    we got girls,weed,smoke in the air again We dreamin
    We jus' be dreamin
    N' now we're livin in the sunshine

    Close my eyes and I dream for a minute
    The place I had dreamt had us all in it
    Hittin girls up two at a time and we'll be livin in the
    This girl was lookin at me
    She had long brown hair
    about 6-3
    Girl - you're too tall for me
    So baby - go try your luck with Kenzie

    Sippin' on gin n juice in the shade
    Girls around my side cuz i just got paid
    I got right to blaze
    Bumped by the caseload
    Eating strawberries off of her navel

    [Chorus x2]

    [Verse 2:(Strider)]

    Let me tell you about a dream of mine
    We were all laid back in the sunshine
    We dreamin - girls just be screamin
    I dont think its my time time to leave and
    I aint coming down 4 days
    I'm feeling so good in so many ways
    Feeling so crazy - chilling with the beautiful ladies

    [Chorus x2]

    Yo - me n the boys are here
    What you know about us?
    How we roll in the summer
    How we blaze burnin it up
    runnin the beats, sun in the streets
    winnin the cup luvin the heat
    comin from me - its picking me up

    [Rocky B]
    It's the holidays
    Girls in the park - it's a lovely day
    Baby mommas chillin with their friends
    watch their babies play, past summers flashback
    like they were yesterday, betta dayz
    blud chill blaze the day away

    Summertime hot girls theres a lot a lot to play
    in these dayz the summer, if ur a bunner its
    coz u jus sit there and wonder
    sittin under sun, all the girls and boyz come
    together as one

    [Chorus x5 till end]

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