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    I close my eyes - I'm still here but my minds in the sky
    The sun is blazin - Girls are craving for a seat in my ride
    Parties til the early morning
    Just chillin in bars - and showin off your sports cars - yo just having a laugh

    When I'm dreaming I'll be hitting the heights
    Scopin' the sights of women in bikini's
    Cotchin day n night
    And every days chilled
    Skys blazin - The airs filled with the atmosphere
    Of ladies that know the deal

    Eyes closed I miss most times I once rolled
    I hope summers this damn good when I'm old
    But for now I'm chillin, Building and fulfilling dreams with women
    Head still spinning from yesterday
    party - brains still missin

    CHORUS x2;

    Close my eyes n im there again
    we got girls, weed smoke in the air again
    we dreamin we just be dreamin
    n now were livin in the sunshine

    Now the dreams were to me reality
    but suddenly the feeling - a dream in my destiny
    I was receiving
    I'm on such a high - a good time
    Looking for memories
    Can't believe its gonna be so different this summertime

    I close my eyes and I disappear into another land
    Dreaming about beaches and girls running in the sand
    We livin it up in the summertime
    That's what I said
    Chillin outside in the sun all day - heat getting us red

    CHORUS x2

    Yo - me n the boys are here
    what you know about us?
    How we roll in the summer
    How we blaze burnin it up
    runnin the beats, sunnin the streets
    winnin the cup luvin the heat
    comin from me- its picking me up

    Rocky B:
    It's the holidays
    Girls in the park - it's a lo

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