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    Blazin Squad - Where The Story Ends

    From the album "In The Beginning"

    i just want you to listen,
    troubled minds of the troubled times,
    keep yourself together,
    don't listen to other peeps,
    cause a lot can happen on the streets,
    and peer pressure is a killer,
    so listen to these wise words that i preach
    it aint safe out there,
    i know this from experience
    cause this is serious,
    and that's how lives get messed up,
    i took this time,
    just eight bars to explain,
    to the kids what's up,

    you're living in dangerous minds,
    dangerous times,
    thug life,
    you're growing up on the street
    all that crime
    i've been there before
    i've been through it
    i realise the pain, i'm drawn to it
    it feels terrible
    when you're on another level
    to the rest of them
    trainers, clothes,
    you're not in with the trend,
    it's just a teenage beef
    that's bothering you,
    it's just a phase in life
    you'll have to go through

    you know i never will amount to you,
    but is it pain you gotta put me through
    you know i never will live up to you
    and all that you do
    and all that you do,
    you never tell your enemies from friends
    and life will never be the same again
    you never know where the story ends,
    that's right my friend
    and that's where the story ends

    i hear these things again and again
    and again
    dress to impress for a friend
    all it ever does
    everytime i hear
    will it ever stop
    it just sends me round the bend
    it ain't easy to be a teenager
    i should know it puts your life in danger
    do you ever really think that it will stop
    all the muggings and the bullys
    and the weapons, i think not

    i can sit and write lyrics all day,
    but my teenage problems never fade away,
    my fashion sense never led astray
    my smell my phone is what portrays
    the person that i am
    the person that is me
    whatever you believe,
    imagine or perceive
    a brethen or a chief
    educated or naive
    my popularity brings
    friends and enemies


    (ROCKY B)
    teenage life
    you've gotta deal with it somehow
    no point in complaining,
    gotta live with it somehow
    unfair job
    but you're still with it somehow
    it ain't fair
    but you've gotta get through it somehow
    all the teenagers that have had enough
    that are tired of scuffs
    and just want love
    just take some time and
    unleash your mind
    and you will find it somehow

    what's wrong kid
    could be making it?
    teenager in trouble
    and you're hating it
    you wanna leave the crowd you're with
    lead your own life
    but i know you're scared of it
    in a week there's seven days
    168 hours and a million ways
    everyday's different
    and your life will change
    trust me it'll never
    stay the same again


    growing up seems so hard
    when you're young
    you never wanna listen
    you just wanna have fun
    try to make things right
    but it soon turns worng
    people say the best years
    come when you're young
    you never listen to what people say
    always wanna try and do things
    in your own way
    never think straight
    always play life as a game
    and in the end
    it's another life thrown away

    teenage troubles
    thoughts that run through your head
    trying to impress
    cause of what your mates said
    wanna get in the crowd
    you ain't got the clothes
    so you're out
    for a teenager
    that's what life's about
    the pressure of the drugs
    violence and racism
    that faces them
    it's a part of life,
    don't ruin it for yourself
    or you might end up by yourself

    if you think about back in the day
    of what you could have had
    but you threw it away
    to be the top boy on the street
    to be the boy everybody wanted to be
    can't you see?

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