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    Supastar, supastar, supastar, supastar
    Lets blaze it
    You're my Supastar
    I'm you're number one fan by far
    Rollin in my blacked out car
    Tinted windows dropped
    Made eye contact
    As a matter of fact
    I see you're body
    And it made an impact on mine
    Come ride with me
    It's 6 o'clock
    Come chill on the block
    We'll go cruising, find a place to stop
    I think about you non-stop
    So I'm taking this time just to be with you

    6 o'clock I never stop until I find what I want
    I find what I want a fly chick what I want
    I rock drive through the block
    It doesn't take long cause
    I'm right in the spot
    I've never seen a girl like this
    But she's hot
    Tanned skin long legs right on top
    Now I'm with a chick in the whip
    And says stop
    Come on lets go straight to the club

    Come on girl let me be your supastar
    We can ride all day
    Roof down in the car
    Then stop off get a cold drink at a bar
    Coz you look so fine and you shine like a star
    You had a short white skirt
    And your top cut low
    Smooth skin
    And the wind would make your hair blow
    Girl your flow was so tight I just couldn't say no
    I said jump in the ride buckle up and lets go

    Supastar, face from a movie screen
    Supastar, like the cover of a magazine
    No matter what you do
    You'll always be my supastar
    Supastar, I'm your number one fan by far

    You know girl you're my supastar
    And I'm your number one fan by far
    You remind me of a face from a movie screen
    I think I've seen you on the cover of a magazine
    Wait, hold up, was that all a dream
    No that's the film that I've seen
    I wanna touch I wanna tease

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