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    Baby just stop, wat u are doing
    Baby just stop, cus im goin no where
    Baby just stop

    Verse 1(krazy)
    I gt you crazy for my love
    you fink about me everywhere you go
    and if i ever stop, you will drop
    got a feelin for my love and baby
    dont you kno and its not right the way
    you love me got me feelin so imotional
    so wen ure ready baby, steady baby
    call me on ma cell cuz i need to kno (kno)


    wen where all lone,it almost feels so rite
    sometimes it feels as though were in paradise
    then switch into a frown, u dont want me aroud
    this rollercoaster is makin me down


    Verse 2 (krazy)

    I neva thought that it would be
    the way it is but now it is wid u
    andi dont kno if i want it baby,need it baby
    love is so confusin what am i to doo(i'm goin outa ma mind)
    i'm goin krazy baby, will ya stay or wont u maybe
    i cannot take it baby(girl i wont fake it lady)
    why you act so shady, are youre feelins changing
    and give my bak my heart and pray that ya wont break it


    Verse 3 (flava)

    Wen i wake u i need u nxt to me
    forget drugs youre my estacy
    ya sexy damn! youre the one
    outa all the girls in te world
    thats y i need you by my side
    me and my girl down to ride
    hit the streets before we hit da sheets
    on our own no play no roo for beef

    Girl i cannot deny the way I feel
    whats the deal cus it seems like
    its going down hill, things aint
    the same as they used to be
    so stop what you doin ure confusin me
    you best realise wat u gt is slippin away
    you best realise wat you gt is just slippin away
    (yehhhhhhhhh,yeh yeh yeh)


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