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    Play the game,
    we lot got the blazin flame,
    you know we're gonna break it up,
    rip it up,
    you now we're gonna blaze it up,
    so what's our name?...  (repeat)


    You wanna play me at my own game
    so lame, why blood?
    you're going insane,
    your the one to blame and you just get shamed back to back,
    when i bust through the door, you want more? oncore,
    you better be sure, when i rock da mic i ride the mic raw,
    spit lyric galore, man gonna get bored,
    get jacked when i'm under attack!
    man got probably song two song dat
    and a next one three and you can't catch me!
    feel crazy coz i A-G-E, don't say nothing,
    don't dis, don't test my ability towards the M-I-C cos
    i do it PROP-LY,
    stop blazing, i'm a tru blazer, don't cope cos i'm a blazing gangsta!


    You already know me?
    comin M to da D,
    come and bish it and spit and you'll never wanna leave
    but ma lyrical attack can you feel them wanna spit in ma heart
    for this lyrics getting shot like a bullet, here i come again,
    never gonna stop me now, king of all MC's, knight me wid da crown,
    other MC's never gonna lock this down, cos i'm back stabbing phat
    and i'm a bad boy now!


    Step on da mic
    trust play go slang,
    our nang, you made me prang of this gang so twang,
    i'm just the star chi-chi man,
    I'm just the rock of all these gangs,
    cos i always rock the streets with the ball, you know
    oh oh oh oh oohh, i'm a lyrical-G,
    step to the rock you get S-H-O-T, SHOT!



    So what our name? Blazin, so they wanna try sshhh
    starting of trouble and pain,
    and t

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