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    Boy,i love the way u do it,
    Yeah, u turn me on,
    Hit all the rite spots,
    Boy, u make me feel strong,
    I like the way u hold me,
    And the way u keep me warm,
    U love me when i'm down,
    And call me when ur gone,

    Yo,dis aint da best,
    It cud get betta,
    Me an' u, get married,
    Have sum kids,
    An' live out in Jamaica,
    Live 4 2day,
    Let's leave all dat until we're olda,
    Just b my wife,
    An' Platinum B will stay a soldier,

    Boy,will u stay with me?,
    And keep me safe at nite?,
    And will u comfort me?,(FLAVA) (Dat's rite)
    Wen i need u most?;(yea,yea)

    Girl,i'll b wiv u,
    Even thru the bad times,
    Coz i'm made 4 luvin' u,
    More than u'll eva know,
    An' i can't believe i,

    Neva known nothin' like this,
    Nothin' like this,
    Nothin' like this,
    So if ur feelin' sexy,
    Let's get it on,
    I've neva had nothin' like this,
    Nothin' like this,
    Nothin' like this,
    Baby,jus' work it wiv me,
    All nite long yea,

    Boy,i luv the way u kiss me,
    An' da way u stroke my hair,
    An' look into my eyes,
    Caress me wiv ur stare,
    I luv the way i don't,
    Have 2 tell u how i feel,
    Coz u already know,
    Xactly wat's the deal,

    Yo,let's go,
    Wit' u an' me it's like,
    We b more than jus' friends,
    Dnt pretend dis ain't nuffin',
    I ain't bluffin' agen,
    Suttin' i felt 4 a long time,
    Fed u a wrong line,
    But u bit it,
    In da blink of an eye,
    1 more time,

    Will u confide in me?,
    Will u b my best friend?,(FLAVA) (Best friend)
    Will u b my lover?,(FLAVA) (o.k)
    Will u say i do?' (FLAVA) (I do)

    Girl,trust me wen i say,
    That i believe in u,
    An' i'm not takin' it 4 granted,(FLAVA) (listen)
    So here's my answa,
    An' i can't believe i,


    How cud sum1 so beautiful,
    Sumthin' so magical,
    Find it's way 2 me,

    Girl,dis is as gd as it gets,
    Cud i 4get an' get mixed up?,
    Luved up,but still playin' trix,
    Like da kid in
    Da way we go,devotin' all r time,
    An' i quickly cover up,
    Wen she misfall wiv my life,


    (I neva felt like dis b4)
    (Huh,it's kinda different)
    (Jus' seems rite)
    (Feels good)

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