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    basiclly this is the story yeah?
    i been told you wanna clash with my mans
    i've been told all kinds of stories
    which one to believe
    well i'll just have to think about it
    and trust me
    i know what the end result's gonna be believe me

    what you saying
    you wanna contest us
    blazin we're dan-ger-ous
    you wanna come down , make a fuss
    I'll burn you into ashes
    i'll blow you like dust

    Mans say they're comin' down,
    2 battle with my lyrics,
    Bring clic, bring the beef,
    Test my clic spit the shit what?,
    They never do it all they ever do is chat shit,
    Yea, they run their mouths,
    But they never wanna battle it
    How they gonna bring us down,
    Never gonna come around,
    Always bring the same old sound,
    Let 'em know wots goin' down,
    Blazin mans u know we stand r ground,
    But they still bring beef,
    Wanna dis the sound,

    Meet you at the car park,'bout 10 o'clock,
    Lyrics so loud,yo,u cnt hear the dogs bark,
    Comin' from da fights,wiv da bright lights,
    Yo,ur the dirt that come my Air Nikes,
    Cha,wiv da hydroliks in my car,
    Bounce into a Ford,wiv da voice on da speakers,
    Which about 2 blow,it's like dis,
    (What?)wen u say,i'm what?,
    I'm a Goddamn pro,i told u b4,
    So i think that u know,u cnt hack it,
    Wen i rock dis jacket,wiv my name printed on it,
    S-N-I-P-E-R,has got it,
    Recognise the name,bringin' the money,
    Or u go down way deepa dan da Titanic,

    It's like,yo,this is a Blazin' topic,
    Yea,we're a 10 man clic,
    Rock dis tune,an' we're gonna spit,
    We're goin' on phat,goin' on hectic,
    Check dis,wiv da Blazin' magic,
    Wiv da trick up my sleeve,
    Wait,d'ya really want it?,
    I'm gonna giv it,ur gonna get it,
    Stop,rewind,(all)press play,get wiv it!,

    U wanna test us?,
    Mans neva show up,
    Blazin' we neva fuss,
    They jus' dnt compare 2 us,
    We're gonna reach the top,
    An' neva gonna stop,
    U wanna clash wiv dis?,
    Coz ur the unknown nemesis,

    Listen up good,i've got a few things 2 say,
    So sit down,take a seat,at the end of the day,
    I've been told,u mans wanna come an' try clash,
    That's fine by me,ur gonna get smashed,
    Ur comin' 2 my skool,w8 outside the gate,
    All thinkin' ur bad,u heard my
    Behind r backs,u wanna say it 2 my face?,
    U say "yea,yea,yea,mate,ur goin' on great",
    Make up ur mind,coz i've made up mine,
    Right here,right now,me an' u, my time,
    An' i'll shine,i know,i'll c,
    Battle straight 2 the boom,got everythin' that i need,
    U told da wrong people wrong shit,
    Dey jus' wanna bend da truth,
    Think i'm done?,neva seen dis b4?,
    Wen i walk thru the door,y u wanna stay?,
    Thinkin' ur hardcore,(thinkin' ur hardcore)
    1 foot on da floor,as i walk up da stairs,
    Heads turn,feet stamp,an' my eyes r jus' glared,
    Stop an' stare,back 2 back,runnin' straight 4 my head,
    Afta dis ur gonna break,nuff sed,
    It's anotha victory, u must b crazy,(crazy,crazy....)
    2 think u can defeat me,


    Right,nemesis,inescapeable agent of some1's downfall,
    Especially wen deserved,
    A downfall caused by such an agent,

    So,basically yea,nemesis r the people that go an' say,
    They wanna clash wiv r cru,
    As if we've done something 2 them,
    But it neva happens,ha,ha,ha-ha,ha!,


    U wanna come clash my cru,u don know,
    Gonna flex u off jus' like a rhino,
    An attack 4 da flow,
    Like a bomb i'm about 2 blow,
    It's like,tick,tick,tick,tick,tick,eh,yo,(eh,yo)
    I'm a cosmic ranger,a Blazin' gangsta,
    Gonna burn like ,gonna blaze,gimme fire,
    Steppin' 2 me ai'nt clever,
    Coz,"Blazin' squad we get u hyper!",
    As i battle,always on stage,lock me up in a cage,
    Clashin',fightin' wiv crus,
    It's like streets of rage,
    Eatin' up heads as if
    But ur cru,ur clic,a main meal 4 the day,

    I got so stressed,so vexed,wen i'm writin' this rap,

    Mans r comin' down,an' always chat the same old crap,

    It gets heated,u know i'm in the process,

    Coz wen we're goin' back 2 back i'm always 2 complex,

    U think u recognise my flow?,trust,u dnt,

    Try an' jak dat flow,blud?,ha,u won't,

    Step up,right now,ur gonna get da meanin',

    Nuff sed,ur my nemesis,

    That's u finished

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