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    A lotta people wanna hate cos we still in our prime
    And don?t notice all the skill of our rhymes
    We keep on goin not livin with the conscience mind
    And life's changed since the day we signed.
    Now, we back don't be on a whole new grime
    Listen to the album I'm sure you'll find something you like
    Yep but before we start give me a mic check check
    1 2 come on


    I grew from a kid to a adult
    I moved out the shadows now I'm livin life flyin like an arrow
    Watchin my face on the box and other tv channels
    Is my flow hot?
    Pass it to the panel
    Dismantle a MC animal
    A boom cannibal standin tall
    Wots da mood fool
    Riddem on my trophy wall
    Now I'm livin life like I was at school
    But this time I'm the teacher nice to meet ya
    Senorita my flow holds no bars no meters
    Other MCs fink twice I'm not nice
    I'll beat ya wait
    Wait w w w wot did e say
    I'l r r r repeat cos ur feelin kinda grazed
    Stay away from ma face when I'm up in a rave
    Cos I'm up in this place looking for girls 2 chase
    And I'm bang on your case if you're watchin my face
    If its beef then its on but my mic's check ay!


    Yo spittin lyrics in the booth is ma passion
    I'm tearin beats up every day as if its goin outta fashion
    You rele need to understand the dealins of my mind
    So when I'm spititn on the track if you don't get it press rewind.
    In the booths I'm like a predator n u gona b the prey
    So when I spit in your direction boy get on your knees and pray.
    We no put together one hit back like Hear'say
    We dun this on our like it or not we're here to stay
    Cos they all doubted us and said that this would fail from the start
    But then their love was there when we declared our lyrical art
    So now we aim high n settle for nuffin but the best
    I'm only writin what I'm feelin very deep in my chest
    So hearin people talking bout us sayin how we ain't real
    That we dun changed completely cos we got us a deal
    Got 10 of us so when we're rollin through the club it's on
    Just need a mic check check 1 2 come on!



    Yo uh
    Man I flow like a riddle    
    I'm hittin sweet sounds like a fiddle
    Focus from the middle gainin sounds just like a rebel
    Watch me trickle through the fickle fields of ritical comments getting mowed
    by my promsie I'm honest agen
    Respect for being real not a fake manufactured TV deal
    I will make or break but still
    It's Weighty Plates with the beats
    I'm lickin off the fool    
    Hit you feel the rhymes I speak
    When I rip the mic to Reep


    I'm learning from mistakes made
    Learnin how the game's played    
    Takin a different view on life to see how the game's changed    
    I keep my mind on women it's like
    A race against my enemies but still I'm winnin
    When I walk out my career I'm gona walk out blingin
    Still singin the same song that I walked in singin
    And clinchin same mic and the same old tools
    So to you mic check check


    I'm wot holdin it down see I'm a pro take no shit
    Me and my whole clique
    Bound to be seen in the town from the East
    Chicks crowd round now I stand proud
    Cos the life be highly you like me I might be high off a hardcrore attack
    if ya find me remind me that I mighta caught a bit of luck
    When your eyes light up just admit that you're starstruck!
    I don't talk about violence I don't need to
    I can silence your crew with the rhymes that I breathe through
    I'm lethal spittin at people I need no intro
    You know we win
    Yo shout the name
    Makin claims that we're plain or we're vain
    A piss take cos we got fame that you hate
    Shine down on your town with a cape round my neck
    Mic check 1 2 you'll expect nuffin less


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