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    this is just one of those stories about when u just see that girl that u want
    so u just walk up 2 her and u just gotta tell her that shes made for u
    so this is 4 all u fly chicks out there
    yo kenzie, tell em

    kenz flossin
    hugo brossin
    ice history
    my girls on the louie vatonsh
    and gucci baby come 2 me
    coz your looking cold
    and i thought that u needed 2 be told
    the way u walk, talk
    god that attracts
    girl i'll tell u when 2 stop
    i'll have the la the laughs
    forget about the clock
    i'll turn it back when u need 2 be dropped

    she wants ice on her wrist
    she wants more than a chick
    who just stands there and licks her lips and thats it
    if theres a problem why she cant get those things
    im ready 4 that sh*t, no doubt about that
    if she cant deal with me its coz im dangerous
    we were made 4 eachother it was strange at first
    but im complete now your in my life
    u know its right
    we're alike
    the time is right

    girl u look so dangerous
    the clothes that your wearing outragous
    the way that you walk so marvelous
    your made 4 me and thats a fact
    mysterious and i love it
    i know what i want and u got it
    u dreamt that its near and your in with it
    tour made 4 me no doubt about that

    your long legs. blonde hair. your blue eyes
    u make me feel so good its like im hypnotised
    then i see u walking there your just walking down the street
    all flicking your hair
    u dont care
    all these mans stop and stare
    but the only little problem is that i really wanna work out is
    me and u stay together through and through
    i care 4 this girl
    girl i love u

    but it aint a luv thing
    with me its a flow
    if u wanna come bust with me
    its a

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