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    Of all the clubs in all the towns you had to walk in mine,
    of all the girls in all the clubs you had to look so fine,
    of all the sets on all the decks you had to scream rewind
    i'm so glad that i found you girl now lady its your time

    i've got this girl and she's got hold of me i think i love her don't want to be free
    try to tell her but why cant she see that i'm made 4 her and that she's made for me
    i try to call her she dosn't reply all these questions i want to know why
    all these reasons just please justify all these feelings inside i no i can not hide

    when they lock me up in a station,you wait til i got probation,paid bail with hesitation
    we fought but no vexation dis things not all penatration
    long time but no agitation wouldnt think i'd be in this situation me and you perfect formation.

    now i neva wanna see you cry always wanna see you smile,neva gonna let you down
    always gonna be around girl you make my world go round
    come on baby you be mine neva seen you look so fine,
    come on baby we got time

    i know we belong together
    maybe you could be my lover
    i know we could last forever
    come on baby let me show ya.

    i love you what you gonna say what u gonna do,
    i love you,i wanna b there i wanna hold you
    i love you,i wanna c u smile i wanna kiss you
    i love you, its been your time since i met you

    my hearts broken and its coz of you contemplating dont no what 2 do
    situation i cannot pass through and i wont chang emy mind as i'm so resolute
    all this waiting is getting me down,love of life it is you i have found
    my heads spinning it goes round and round so please let me tell ya
    just dont make a sound

    girl its your time understand,do you want me to be ur man

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