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    Keep on doin' what your doin',
    Don't you ever stop,
    If you want it you can have it,
    And make it the top.

    Verse 1
    We came from nothin',
    That's why we're frontin',
    We're happy most of your rappers ain't able,
    It's like you're still in you're nappies.
    Never give up,
    I kept my mind on the game,
    Unlike the folks who kept their mind on their brain,
    Girl, what I'm sayin I avoided the heat,
    It's kinda hard though,
    I struggle,
    Never struggle to eat,
    Oh, pratice makes perfect,
    So, I hustle the beat,
    Had them understand,
    Understood perfectly,
    Change direction,
    And hold myself,
    Yeah, well, I'm goin', flowin',
    Pass the scence,
    I was 'im without even knowin',
    And hopin' 10 of us could bust,
    How was I? (For real!)
    I'm here for the music,
    But still wanna make a meal.
    This isn't Fame Academy,
    This are real life skills,
    Each and every one of us,
    Has an uncensored deal,
    Still we pay for the weight,
    For the youth today,
    Let's blaze all drummers away.

    Chorus x2

    Verse 2
    That's me,
    Keep on doin' what your doin',
    Don't give up for anything,
    If you want it,
    You can have it,
    Just keep your head straight,
    Just reach out and grab it,
    Don't be trippin' and let yourselves for floppin',
    You can never be floppin' and knockin' yourselves,
    Ah, Keep your hands in your pockets,
    My flows are liftin' off like a rocket,
    Ands nothin' be droppin',
    Everytime your hair standin' up you be wonderin'.

    It's your time.
    Keep your head high,
    With your dreams,
    Keep focused.

    Verse 3
    Yo, Hold up,
    Keep your mind straight,
    Never fold up,
    Do your own thing,
    Write your own ryhmes,
    Keep your chin,
    The top is distant,
    But the start is buildin',
    Keep it growin',
    In estention when the kid is blowin',
    Flows never stoppin',
    Pro's never drop,
    But this is gonna pop,
    But that's if efforts never stops,
    And if your brain's locked,
    A new breed to the industry,
    Keep faith in that,
    'Cos it's the way i's meant to be.


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