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    We can make you bounce
    We create da sound
    This years guna be ours
    Its nothing personal, my cru iz unstoppable
    Eh yo, flava,
    Yo, r u ready 4 dis?
    Lets go

    I never get wroten in dis
    Never wrote so many hits
    Back, Slake same old lyrics I miss
    Never dismiss
    Type of remedies lyrical clock this bitch
    Dont you know them 10 man click
    In the beginning
    There were 2 decks and a microphone
    Oh no
    Thats the sheer excel
    Comes from another world
    You no my lyrics being held to sell
    Im too hot for most
    Never boast
    Tonights the night to get high on my flows and im the host
    To hold all the bangos, (you know this)
    Never get wen I wana mine, never get wen I wana my flow
    The score has been sold
    Get out my face, you get bumped before your too late
    Lyric lyric likes it faster like woah
    Whos that danger-ous mc, from the blazin family
    S-pp-i-k double e
    Ten man click through London city
    Change over, your change my flow
    Speeding 4 my mile tempo
    Boy dem blind n aint dat so
    Like 5 0 5 0
    Im also quick If I ad my prestos
    Solid boom Solid boom
    Down dat old road
    Boy der hot and that its send off
    Like woah
    Whos da danger-ous mc
    From the blazin family
    S-pp-i-k-double e

    We can make you bounce (bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce)
    We create da sound (bounce bounce, bounce, bounce)
    This years guna be ours (bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce)
    Its nothing personal, my cru iz unstoppable x2

    Black White Asian
    Turkish Jamaican
    Basian corcasian
    Hearts will b breaking (breaking)
    Its kinda hard coz chicks c through me
    Lock the door just turnd George Clooney(Oooo me)
    Hearts swallowing my love lik

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