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    Welcome, Will, to dis world....


    Yo, yo, uh-huh, yeah, batty, batty boy...

    (ROCKY B)

    A rocket an' a socket an' a HIT IT!


    Hey hey hey, lads

    Let's get it on

    We're going to explore

    A part you've not seen before

    It's in between your legs

    And it rises up and down

    I'm gonna teach you today...


    Close it, close it,

    Up my hole and out you,

    Close it, close it,

    Workin' with a batty boy tonight



    I'm gonna show you what to do again

    With my magic glove

    The only problem with us

    We don't have stuff above (coughs)

    So touch me, I'm batty, touch me,

    I'm batty...


    Well well well

    (repeat x 9)


    I've really enjoyed tonight

    Work wit' me again

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