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    [One for all, one for all]
    [It's all it's all for one]
    Let's start a union, calling every human
    It's one for all and all for one
    Let's live in unison, calling every citizen
    It's one for all and all for one

    We don't want war- can't take no more
    It's drastic time for sure
    We need a antidant and a cure
    Coz do you really think Mohammed got a problem with Jehovah
    We don't want war - imagine if any prophet was alive
    In current days amongst you and I
    You think they'd view life like you and I do
    Or would they sit and contemplate on why
    Do we live this way, act and behave this way
    We still live in primitive today
    Coz the peace in the destination of war can't be the way
    There's no way, so people just be 'em wanna be a man
    Realise that you can't change the world by changing yourself
    And understand that we're all just the same
    So when I count to three let's change


    Got no time for grand philosophy
    I barely keep my head above the tide
    I got this mortgage, got three kids at school
    What you're saying is the truth, but really troubles me inside
    I'd change the world if I could change my mind
    If I could live beyond my fears
    Exchanging unity for all my insecurity
    Exchanging laughter for my tears


    I don't know, y'all, we in a real deposition
    In the midst of all this negative condition
    Divided by beliefs, different sink and religion
    Why do we keep missing the point in our mission?
    Why do we keep killing each other, what's the reason?
    God made us all equal in his vision
    I wish that I could make music as a religion
    Then we could harmonise together in this mission
    Listen, I know it's really hard to make changes
    But two of us could help rearrange this curse
    Utilising all the power in our voices
    Together we will unite and make the right choice
    And fight for education, save the next generation
    Come together as one
    I don't understand why it's never been done
    So let's change on the count of one

    It takes one, just one
    And then one follows the other one
    And then another follows the other one
    Next thing you know you got a billion
    People doing some wonderful things
    People doing some powerful things
    Let's change and do some powerful things
    Unity could be a wonderful thing


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