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    Yeah, yeah, yeah,
    ya, ya, ya
    This is how we do it, this is how wego
    this is how we rock, this is how we roll,
    this is how we do it, doit,do(d-do) it, do it, do it.
    it’s goin’ down now and not a tad bitlater.

    All around the world folks … theequater
    terrorize the funk, call me poochie-al-cata
    I verify that I gotlots o’ hoochies on data.
    governer of california black eyed peas theterminators
    we the exterminators, invade you like the raiders. ignore all thehaters, inform all the ladies, its goin down now and not a tad bit later.
    you ready? youready?
    get ready for the showdown,
    get ready for theshowdown,
    yo it’s about to go down
    yo it’s about to go..go down
    ..inthe building and i’m here to motivate you
    show you how we do it, do it

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