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    I took ur picture,with one particluar reason and its to capture ur character,
    I like to sit and stare at 'cha
    aint nothin wrong with starin at cha
    girl dont get scared that i envison us getting married and I aint tryin to rush nuttin
    cuz I aint rushin
    it'll take a time like, "whats them things that move slow you knowthem...damn..i cant think cuz u on my mind..."
    and when u on my mindi cant find anything to ryhme with ryhme
    iI gotta ryhme ryhme with mixture
    and speakin of mixture
    with u I wanna get mixed up
    I'm like a record and ur like a record
    so lets let the DJ mix us
    ur like an elixir
    thats got me tipsy,
    this is just like ripplets
    believe it or not girl but i love you

    girl u really got me goin
    outta control
    i dot know what im doin
    lets let it go
    and do what we do best
    tkae off our clothes
    we look better undressed

    [Bridge-repeat 2x]
    lets get sexy
    lets get sexy
    sounds so good
    sounds so good
    fightin' is rightin'
    fightin' is rightin'
    lets get sexy
    its so much more exciting

    [Verse 2]
    for you im a fanatic
    im a addict
    ur sexy antics turn me on like automatic
    no need to get dramatic
    but i gotta have it
    (gimme gimme gimme gimme)
    gimme some of them sexual acrobatics
    pharmachutal girl, anything that suits u girl
    things u aint used to girl
    come over here and let me show you just how willy do it
    im a freak and u knew it
    ur a freak and i knew it
    baby lets get to it


    its called the S E X X X X

    [Verse 3]
    u take me to extasy
    witout takin extasty
    its exactly like extasy
    when u layin right next to me
    im sexin' u
    sexin u
    u sexin me
    sexin me
    its feels so damn natural
    wut we doin so naturally
    im likin u rubbin' me
    and u likin me rubbin' u
    da passions emaculate
    while u lovin me lovin u
    i love me puttin me in you
    make love to you
    just like soliderman play piano
    [piano plays]

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