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    Just had a show tonight
    Voice all scraggly and all

    Yo Tab and Ap let's go interact
    Matter of fact let's attack 'em with the contact
    Make the ultimate impact leave 'em hunchbacked
    Light 'em up with the mic like we pyromaniacs
    Feel the power when I unlash exact
    There's no kinda act tactics that can stop that
    When I climax I'ma like kick a hole in that
    Sympathetic non poetic crap you callin' a rap
    And I might revitalize your cardiac
    So you can realize the heart of rap recited by the Black
    Eyed Peas, I'ma seize your income
    And freeze all the competition and then some
    I flip a show up in the Hamptons
    Rip it down to Compton
    Performin' my anthem
    Ya know, ya know
    You know that's the joint that's the jam
    Look I got some new shit
    We came to do it again

    Scream if ya need to just let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out
    Holla if ya need to just let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out
    Vent if ya need to just let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out
    Yo self just let it out, y'all just let it out, holla and let it out

    (Apl De Ap)
    Introduction, here's a new concussion
    I'ma break it down like a mechanical conductant
    Eruptin' volcanic lyrically meaning something
    All you muthafuckas sayin' nothin' need to stop them
    Time to break forth, ain't no goin' back now
    Movin' on for the better things that's my profile
    Uproar uncontrollably make you say (Spanish word)
    (Line in Spanish)
    Creates so soul sonically makin' you bounce your
    Energetic created terror shakin' your dance halls
    One in a million with the mission, bringin' in back, raw
    Talent on the mic will excite better than dropped bras
    Anybody lost follow the source of course
    BEP the family bringin' you the strongest force
    Bridgin' it on every angle and make ya (dance)
    From the mic Apl De Ap is on demand


    Me and microphone go like source for me and warn
    My delivery is news like get on your mark
    When it's on then it's on step on stage and perform
    If you're scared then step off, cuz your pride be all gone
    If it's time that you leave, go ahead then proceed
    If it's skills that ya lack
    Take twenty steps back
    It's a slap you will get
    If you try and disrespect
    The crew is the Peas
    And we bout to do the next
    (Speaking in Spanish)
    All for you
    Spanish tongue you're speakin' to
    Makin' moves, makin' moves Angry Foot is makin' moves
    Makin' moves, makin' moves Black Eyed Peas is makin' moves

    (Chorus 2x)

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