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    (Featuring Justin Timberlake)

    Lord, have mercy [7x]

    I know that you like my style [2x]
    You can't get to turn you out
    Everybody in the place get wild
    I know that you like my style [2x]
    You've gotta drop it on your pants right now
    Everybody in the place get wild
    [So what you sayin']
    What's up, what's up with you girl [2x]
    What's up, what's up with you boy [2x]

    Don't jock, don't jock, baby don't jock me
    I drop the hotness, baby watch me
    You can't, you can't, no you can't stop me
    'Coz I'm a champ on the rep like rocky
    And when I spit it trying out at Z rocks me
    Got my style trademark with the copy
    Right, you know my style is naughty
    Right, so don't cock-block me
    You like my style when I'm whiling out with my gang
    And I gain my fame from doing my damn thing
    On a mike and I turn the stage like cocaine
    And I bang them thangs like I'm a loverman


    Our style lined up when we team up
    JT and BEP sold the scene up
    Cali to Tennessee and in between 'em
    We the hottest in the biz (?)
    We be rolling four Hummers and a Pima
    With sunset off the chi cantina
    Stepped out looking fresh and clean-ah
    Paparazzi put me in any magazine-ah
    I got eight million ways to rockin' like this
    And ain't nobody drop their styles like this
    I'ma give it to you like that and like this
    And my momma always told me "My baby's a genius"


    [Taboo in Spanish]

    I like to keep my style on singo [singo]
    Baby you can call me mijo [mijo]
    I make you say "Adios, mijo"
    I make it hot for you if it's frijo

    It feels like something's heating up
    Timberland on the drum-drum he's beatin' up
    Black Eyed Peas, there's no defeating us
    JT, he's rocking a beat with us
    Them freaks, they want to freak with us
    After the spot they tryin'a meet with us
    They know our style is fabulous
    Off the hook our style ridiculous


    What's up, what's up with you girl [2x]
    What's up, what's up with you boy [2x]

    I know that you like my style [2x]
    I've been gone for a while
    But I'm back with a brand new style

    Black Eyed Peas [Black Eyed Peas]
    JT [that's me]
    And we out baby [out baby]


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