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    (feat. Cee-Lo, John Legend, Talib Kweli & Q-Tip)

    Question for the ages
    What's going on with my back pages?
    Rappers wanna be down, but listen listen
    You got to feel it within your body and your spirit
    When you listen to the rhythm [come on]
    It's the abstract wiles on the beat
    Women all around the globe, the world
    You got to follow me
    Change your history, categories
    Different people in the same territories
    Hip-hop in here for my Black Eyed Peas
    So watch it watch it be marvelled on the speakers please
    Coz they gonna marvel and shake the ground
    Break addles break the sound
    Fill the embraceful pound
    Treat all the things profound
    If you wanna dude to help you out
    Make it cool around your friends without smoking now
    Play the song kinda loud, it could help you out
    And you could work it out, yeah you could work it out
    It's like that, and a

    And we got it like that [like that]
    You know we got it like that [like that]
    Y'all we got it like that [like that]
    It's like that, like that [like that]
    Y'all we got it like that [like that]
    You know we got it like that [like that]
    Yeah we got it like that [like that]

    It's like that coz I got it like that
    And I got it like that also
    Got a style that's way out like Bosto
    You know I'ma crook a nigga like Chocko
    Steady jumpin' round like it's heavy cargo
    [Can I kick it?] Yup, really far though
    From Osegundo to Toronto
    I once hit a girl up in Chicago
    But I'd never say who unless my name was Tanto
    Yup, you know how the date rape go
    Coz we show the classic example
    Now they know the Peas collect the dough
    So they knocking on our door like we was Fargo
    Yup, they see me in a Will.I.Am suit
    But I wasn't that cute when I didn't have the loot
    And I don't smoke birds but I'm still real nice with the birds
    So fuck (hey!) what you heard
    Coz we got it like that


    Talib, just hit 'em like that
    I'm from the jungle, brother, and I got it like that
    Yo, my life got me running through a maze like a white rat
    I need a shot at ramming like my rap
    It's like the yack is the fights that got me spillin' on the right track
    And I like this will so I might get ill
    On the mikes somebody might get killed
    So many damn rappers there's a stifle in heaven
    My tongue is a weapon and plus when I bust all this stuff with Legend
    When this Brooklyn MC come after you
    You be running like I herd a carrel at Murdell Avenue
    There we yattin' that ain't pretty that's the attitude
    To be at Fight Club, even Brad had to crack a too
    Stare into the Sun, they try to copy
    Let your eyes get used to the light because you gotta watch me
    Sneak up on you like saki
    My lyrics get out a split atom like Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    It's the Apl.De.Ap in the lab with the rap
    Demonstrate how we act, we attack any track
    It's the Black Eyed Peas and we back with the facts
    Start with the fat skills that rose in the past
    We got it like how you know how to beast rocks
    Entertain you, see you soon at the next spot
    The crew got you bouncing and dropping your eye
    Making you ???
    Tss tsss tsss, I'ma roll with the hot
    I'ma flow from the soul when you can't hold me back
    Ke-ke-keep on keep on rolling the track
    I'ma simply simply always attach
    Give me music from by Apl.De.Ap
    From L.A to Philippines we bridging the gap
    We got it like that you know we got it like that
    Like... we got it like that y'all


    It's like that and a...
    It's like that and a...

    My man Q-Tip in the house
    Cee-lo you know he's in the house
    My man John Legend's in the house
    Talib Kweli will work it out
    My man Apl.De is in the house
    Will.I.Am is definitely in the house
    Fergie Ferg is in the house
    Whadup to De La, shot 'em out
    Drew hip-hop music now
    Positive vibes, no doubt
    My man (?) is in the house
    My man Shahid's in the house
    You know I'm in the house
    Black Eyed Peas represent sellin out [3x]

    It's like that da-da...

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