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    (the real crystal crew)
    Imma be the upgraded new ne-ga-ro
    Imma be the advanced brotha with soul
    Imma be worldwide international
    Imma be in Rio rockn Tokyo
    Imma be brilliant with my millions
    Loan out a billion and get back a trillion
    Imma be a brotha but my name aint lehman
    Imma be a bank ill be loanin out seman
    Honeys in debt baby bouncin them checks
    But I don’t really mind when they bouncin them checks
    Imma be imma be imma be i’m imma be
    Rich nigga
    Imma be imma be imma be i’m imma be
    Sick with the flow when the goal is to rock the whole globe
    Imma be your future
    Imma be your whole
    Reason why you even want to come to a show
    You can see me while I’m rockin‘ when im kicken down the door and
    Imma be up in the club
    Doing whatever I like
    Imma be poppin‘ that bubble and
    Coolin and livin that good life
    Oh lets make this last forever
    Party and we chill together
    On and on and on and on and (2x)
    (the real crystal crew)
    Imma be rockin‘ like this (WHAT)
    yall niggaz wanna talk shit (WHAT)
    why dont you put it on a blog nigga
    rockin like this my job nigga
    we cant help that we popular
    and all these folks wanna flock to us
    Come to our show and just rock with us
    a million pus with bonoculars.

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