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    [Will I am]
    one two three..
    like this..... ba ba duh, ba ba, yea yea, ba ba ba baduh
    check this out darlin I got something to say, say
    we could shovel love like all day, day
    instead of all this lonliness that needs to stop, stop
    I love ya down and put the hip into ya hop
    you make it hard to put my egg inside ya roll, roll
    lovin you is like to say she took my soul, soul
    I'll break it down and let ya take total control, trol
    I'm feelin you darlin, cant you see like total?
    and I'm not tryin to rush like I'm russel simmons
    cuz baby I cant stand the rain like michael bivens
    I'm serious but you be thinking that I'm kiddin
    I'm here for you unlike wives for your children
    ill embrace them like it was one of my own
    plus she raised em all alone, that I condone
    but, all, this lonliness need to stop, I love ya down and put that hip into ya

    sugah sugah sugah I really want ya
    baby baby baby I really need ya
    looky looky looky I got ta have, have
    if I want it, want it, let me get it, get it

    [apl de ap]
    hey baby girl I want your loving every day
    cuz you be hittin in a special type of way
    I guess your aura got me actin for the push
    it aint the lust I got the apl on the rush
    and when you smile at me you got me goin cra-zay
    you got me up on sugar inside my soul
    ill be the cup that you could pour in all your love
    I wont spill it in a minute that you shove
    instead I will withstand the pain
    understand you is the main goal to aim
    if you really need me just call my name
    I'm hear all the time for you babe-ay

    I'm your love you my woman I'm your man right?
    I'm your world you my woman I'm your man right?
    no matter the problem we stay damn tight
    I'm your love you my woman I'm your man right?

    [chorus] (repeating)


    and if I could i'd give my girl the world, world
    a world without a war could ?unfural?, ?fural?
    our love could stand the testament of time, time
    till death do us part is that line
    I could be with her till my son is 99
    the love I feel for her is unbearably unique
    being away from her, yo it makes me kinda weak
    its like being on the desert with nothin to drink

    [george pajon jr. solo]

    [bridge] w/ pause

    [more bridge...]

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