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    Your eyes push shards of glass to mince my defenses
    I never thought I'd feel this way - memories haunting every breath
    It frightens me to know I can never be rid of you
    After a year, you still stir something in me
    The hate has faded but the disgust remains.
    I recall when only warmth and acceptance filled your eyes.
    If I could understand - what turned you against me
    If I could just understand - what hardened your stare into scorn
    What was it worth to you - to turn me inside out?
    You became he that we hated - left me with scarlet eyes
    And an empty chest - it's been a year and I still feel nauseous
    Brown eyes cut into me - parting once friendly flesh
    I burned your pictures away - but I can't stop remember when
    The city has not felt the same since
    Though your stare has hardened - this cold contempt makes me wonder
    Could an ounce of guilt boil in your blood?
    This blood we shared - seeps from an ever present truth
    A missing piece of my past - still makes me crawl the other way
    No I can't forgive - as you embody my regret
    You are the living proof - that I'll never ever trust again
    I never really told you what you had meant to me
    Ere my lungs met the ire of your voracious mouth.
    So now I walk alone through the ashes of our ties.
    My mind flooding with memories of endless summer drives.
    I'd love to talk with you to fully understand
    What finally drove you to this choice - to smash my heart
    But some things are better left unsaid.

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