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    This is a reckoning,
    A cliched cut of lying tongue
    Revenge never goes out of style

    Gorilla honing trigger finger that makes gorilla man
    Ingrained, there's hate within us all

    Spiraling I've lost my footing once again
    I'm flailing in a tantrum of disgust!

    When life holds nothing sacred,
    When the loveless turn to loathe
    We'll witness this final threatened pose

    Oh mother war,
    I sleep in your arms tonight
    I'm burning, I'm burning for your love

    This juggernaut of bronze and alcohol
    Machines of vengeance now are born

    Of vengeance we are born
    To our graves these grudges shall be sworn

    Behold the death of emotions never mourned
    We'll die before we crawl

    Twisted ministers of death, praying for a bullet

    Hail, gorilla suffocate gorilla, maim
    An education in howling
    Ministers of death, we'll be praying
    Praying for this bullet, hail

    Gorilla suffocate
    Gorilla maim
    An education in complete misanthropy

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