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    Crawling the walls through every crack and crevice
    Teems blackness washing over the windowpanes painting the buildings in between
    Creeping down the alley ways consuming every street
    Soundless swarm of nothingness sure to doom us all

    Pulling screaming earthlings into it's toothless jaws
    Endlessly beginning spreading with no sign of stop
    Horror of horrors truly maddening in size
    Running just prolongs the end inevitably it strides

    Where has it come from? how can it be stopped?
    So quickly we're to meet our end our empire we have lost
    Karmatic Armageddon no religion could foresee
    A planet once forsaken not even a memory

    Streetlights bend into the void cars enveloped whole
    Darkness deeper than a blindman's sleep soon to paint the world
    Insatiable it's hunger it drinks the sea without a belch
    Stretching to the other side where it is sure to meet itself

    Unearthly vacuum devouring the hourglass now empty
    It's time to say goodbye watching your life flash before mortal eyes
    Terror fills your heart screams of anguish greet your ears
    Living death voracious insidious impervious to damage we are slaughtered as if lambs

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