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    Removal of the eyes gives my heart a saddened chill
    I preserve them in formaldehyde
    To gaze upon at will
    How their greenish flecks befill me
    That starlit winters night
    How I lost all that I ever was
    While locked within their sight
    Before you sits a broken man
    Your fragile pinkish heart in hand
    Peculiar how it can hurt so bad
    While love is only in the mind
    I sew the gaping chestwork
    Each thread is made with love
    The bosom where I would rest my face
    Is covered in your blood
    This is not the end
    You'll live on eternally
    Lord it's not the end
    My secret you'll forever be
    I interrupt this transformation
    A familiar lust swelling in me
    A long and soulful kiss
    The shades are drawn the living world can't see
    The coil of entrails
    How curious the smell
    So pungent to my eager nostrils
    Hands further compelled
    No it's not the end
    Forever you'll be in my arms
    I could never let you go
    My darling cold and blue
    I wonder are you dreaming still
    Spread eagle blood removed
    I weave the sucking trocar
    Beneath your bruising skin
    Tonight I'll lay beside you darling in necromantic sin
    Pinned to the bed sheets like a prized butterfly
    You're mine
    I hear your voice so precious echoing deeply inside
    I did my best to love you
    While you did live and breathe
    This tender taxidermy
    Trophy of the bereaved

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