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    Devastate leave them weeping in your wake a family's broken dreams with
    Gloved hand I separate mutilate them carve them up bring them to their knees
    The powers of a knife at hand if it breathes it fucking bleeds mankind end
    Time disgusted with this race I pluck them from the universe pawns in my
    Favorite game cut them all down completely randomized never a clue nor a
    Trace is left identity disguised I measure joy in suffering with a rope and
    Blade I maim humiliate these fallen souls this earth of sick disgrace
    Climactic degradation rapture in blood achieved suffocate them rip them rape
    Them make them fucking scream orgasmic mutilation on terror I do feed
    Annihilate this bastard race I'll make them bleed for me I'm taking you down
    With me into this hell of hells stabbed in the throat sputtering blood my
    Need is never quelled you must stand here before me my judgement ends in
    Death I stand above your broken bodies face speckled in red how sweet it is
    To revel in your flesh I won't stop until the last is dead

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