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    Now the funeral grounds are at last AWASH
    With the blackness of this frigid autumn night
    I've lurked into the graveyard with pick and spade in tow
    This night shall birth forth our reckoning
    Hell's jaws, now open wide

    A stare to pierce six feet of soil
    A love beyond this mortal coil

    As though you'd never left my side,
    I hold your stiffened body so close to me
    For years I've lived in a dream
    Awake, I felt as dead as my cold and bloodless bride to me

    I can barely suppress my elation!
    A quick pry of the casket reveals her body, paralyzed
    So long I've waited for this moment,
    To thrust my fingers deep inside!

    Now you will sing the song of the deceased
    The ones whose souls will not rest in peace!

    The throes of necromantic lust
    Possess my mind
    Cries of my precious frozen angel beckon from inside

    I feel alive! for once I'm feeling so alive
    My skin is crawling,
    I'm completed on this resurrection night

    From this night achieved a morbid truth
    Love's bounds post-mortally removed


    In rapture my mind is lured by my own knife
    To join this frrrragile being who sleeps below
    The reflection of a razor reveals the moon, so perfectly
    Along my impatient veins it's steel does graze

    I feel no pain as I lay with my lovely bride
    The silk lining now stained with my offering
    I embrace the end of MY NOW WORTHLESS LIFE

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