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    Don't bother crying, don't bother calling
    It's all over now, no use in stalling
    The love once I felt
    I don't feel anymore for you
    This time I'll even open the door for you
    You walked out when I was down
    Well, now I'm well off
    And look, look who's coming 'round

    Where were you when I wanted you
    Where were you when I needed you
    Where were you when I wanted you

    You're looking good
    It's hard to fight it
    There's no use explaining
    I've already decided
    That living with you
    is worse than without you
    I won't spend a lifetime a-worriying about you
    Things get rough and you disappeared
    Now I'm back on my feet
    And look, look who is standing there

    You were so young and you were so wild
    I knew you were nobody's innocent child
    The first day I saw you
    You really got me
    I thought I could change you
    What good did it to me?
    Things got rough and you couldn't wait
    Now you're tripping back
    But babe, babe it's too late

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