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    Valerie is beautiful
    But she seems a little bit confused
    The life you offer her she says
    She cannot use

    You live in another world
    She thinks she won't fit in
    And oh, what about her plans for him
    She bends to his will

    Hey, you better listen
    'Cause I'm warning you
    Love is never simple
    With a complicated girl

    You call her on the phone
    She's got the other guy on hold
    You see the scene unfold
    You know it very well

    Stay inside your room all day
    When she doesn't call you pull the shades
    Never seen you act this way
    The girl has hit you hard

    Why bother making rules you know
    She will not follow
    Someday she'll find a way to remedy
    This lovely mess she's made of you

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