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    She walks in the room
    And checks out the faces
    We think she's all the seven wonders of the world
    But there's a sadness
    Hidden in the bizarre
    Moonlight and madness
    Living in a bell jar

    She dresses in black
    'Cause sorrow is a magnet
    Everything comes to her like it was meant to be
    But she's frustrated
    Leaving things as they are
    What she created
    Living in a bell jar

    She feels so at home
    She's never alone
    But she's oh so lonely
    What is the crime
    In knowing your mind
    Set it free

    Attached to a mirror
    In her glass-sided prison
    She writes the note that will excuse her from this world
    It's complicated
    Living in a bell jar
    She suffocated
    Living in a bell jar

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